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Rabu, 27 Juli 2016

What Is The Meaning Of "Success" ?

Hello Guys ! 

It's been a while isn't it ? Since the last time I've posted new articles or story... Let me see, hmm.... I think the last time I've posted something is in 2013, it was like 3 years ago, when I was still an 8th grader at 75 Junior High School. Brings back old memories lol...

So guys, today I'll post a litte story about the boy who made this blog, Okay ? Guess what ? Im the one... This is one of my story about my journey, when I was in my High School Years. Okay than i hope you enjoy it fellas.

Let's just get right in to it ! I'm a 16 year old boy (in the time I was writing this) who made this blog , okay ? (You Don't Say). Do You know whats my name ? My name is Teuku Alif Rafi Akbar. You can call me Tara. I'm a sophomore right now, in Muhammad Husni Thamrin Superior High School. Greetings mate ! I'm in class XI - IV and you know, when you say that M.H. Thamrin Students are very smart and diligent, well then I'm not that kind of student hehehe. I'm just an ordinary boy, not to smart, but not a stupid boy as well. The truth is, I'm a little bit lazy and love to play sports, I also like to playing games and listening to music. In my family, I'm the oldest kid from 3 siblings. My father came from Aceh and my mother came from Gayo. My favourite food is mie Aceh. I loved physics and math, and I hated biology hehehe. I'm a little bit of a shy person and I always keep my image right in front of many people. You know why I wrote this story ? It's for the future me, so he can always remembered this moment. 

Hello Future me ! I hope you are happy there at the future. Hope you are healthy, happy, enjoying your life, have a good family, and have a successful career... Aamiin !!! Do you still remember your Math Cambridge teacher ? Mr Ikhwan. Do you still remember our first meeting with him ? We talk about what is the meaning of success that day. Before that moment I never knew what's the meaning of success, all I know, success is being rich etc. But Mr. Ikhwan told us that success is not about being rich, it's about being useful to the society, being kind to everyone, make the people around you happy and others like that. After he explains that to me, I realized what's the meaning of success. What Mr. Ikhwan said was true. Being successful it's not about the money, it's about being a useful person to people around you. Mr. Ikhwan told me well about the meaning of success. It motivated me to do that, I just wanna say to Mr. Ikhwan wherever you are, and whenever you are. THANK YOU ! You taught me well and make me motivated to be the best person I can be ! 

So that's all that I wanna tell you guys, it's one of my story in high school, well then, I hope you enjoying at reading it ! I hope you got your lesson from my story above. So that takes care of everything. So then... I'm Out !!! THANK YOU ! And...

See You Guys !
Peace !

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